About GSSI

GSSI is an internationally respected corporation known for our technological advancements in the geophysical, archaeological, forensics, infrastructure, public works and transportation industries. In recent years, our technology has naturally progressed into our LifeLocator product, developed to serve the Search and Rescue/First Responders industry. We serve our clients with technical expertise, unsurpassed customer support and training facilities, and superior products.

At GSSI, we pride ourselves in providing an atmosphere where our people can be successful. Our greatest strength is our staff, who are highly qualified in all areas of our work. By streamlining our processes and allowing an environment where our organization may flourish, we are able to offer exceptional service and products to our customers.

Our Markets

GSSI products are distributed through a series of application specialists and representatives worldwide to several  markets- search and rescue, archaeology, geophysics, concrete inspection, utility mapping and locating, road and bridge deck evaluation. We also serve many specialty markets including tree assessment, golf course management, environmental assessment and ice and snow investigation, to name a few. If you would like more information on the markets listed other than Search and Rescue, please visit or main site

The LifeLocator product has been successfully deployed in Japan, China, Israel, Haiti, Singapore, Argentina, The Netherlands, and the US. The LifeLocator has no safety hazards associated with its use and is compliant with most country regulations including the FCC, CE and RSS-220.



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